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The Mindsport Ethos

There is a huge gulf between what people say they will do and what they actually do. This is a challenging hurdle to overcome in the self-help industry if your aim is to change people’s behaviour for the better.

Strategies, philosophies, and pertinent ideas whether they are acquired from self-help books, life changing seminars, or from the latest audio CD in my experience they are usually forgotten about 2 to 3 weeks down the line. Old habits tend to seep back in, and positive long-term change is prevented.

The phenomenon is not usually a negative reflection on the quality of the self-help material but more a symptom of how most individuals are very bad at acting on their intentions. Change requires discipline, and often an unmoving level of commitment. Unfortunately for most, taking the easy path of reverting back to old habits is the preferred option.

The brain prefers to run and engage in habituated behaviours, which is why it is often a taxing process to remove old thinking patterns and create new ones.

We are aware of this and have streamlined all of our operations to make sure that the focus is specifically on the habituation of new strategies and thinking styles. Centred on this tenet, we deliver services that incorporate the following features:

  1. The information is written economically making sure that it is accessible and easy to use.
  2. The integration of a unique online scrapbook feature that aids the retention and habituation of your favourite strategies and techniques.
  3. Useful information online is that is no more than 3 mouse clicks away.
  4. All paid services are client driven so we can deliver solutions that match the exact needs of all our customers.

The importance of individual difference

At the heart of the Mindsport ethos is the awareness that everyone is different. Human psychology is highly subjective which is why our first company activity was to engineer an online experience that allowed our users to build up their own annotated archive of their popular strategies, techniques and insights. This added an interactive feel to our company website allowing our users to store and retrieve their saved information with ease.

Our seminars are also built around the importance of understanding individual difference. Running small group workshops gives us an ample opportunity to build up an in-depth understanding of everyone that we work with. Consequently we are able to tailor build programs that fit the lives of our clients.

This also supports our drive to bridge the gap between the acquisition and the regular application of self-help techniques. Often generic mental skills techniques fail to slot into the recipient’s lifestyle because of a lack of validity to their unique situation. All our seminars build the information around the audience’s needs in order to maximise the real life validity of the material. Using a combination of accountability techniques, personalised programs, and environmental reminder systems we push our clients to bridge the gulf between acquisition and application, promoting long-term change.

We recognise that positive change can be a challenging and a daunting process which is why we deliver our expertise and support systems to ensure that all of our clients obtain permanent and positive results.

We look forward to working with you.

Sam Kotadia

Managing Director

Mindsport Ltd