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Phil Parkinson

Assistant Manager of Charlton Athletic FC

The mental component of sport is undoubtedly important. Working with Sam Kotadia and Mindsport, has proven to be an invaluable support service during my career as a professional football manager. During my reign at Colchester United FC, in which the club won a historic promotion to the Championship Division, Sam’s services significantly contributed to the club’s successes that season.

During the three years that we worked together Sam worked with myself, as well as with a number of key players within the team.

Sam’s approach was not only driven towards working directly with the players, but also involved equipping myself with the ability to deliver mental skills training in the dressing room and on the field of play. This angle of delivering psychology support proved to be particularly useful as it enabled the players to get in the habit of using the strategies.

One of the most effective psychological interventions that we used at Colchester United FC was getting the players process orientated. Instead of getting the players to think solely about the outcomes of winning and losing, we installed a mindset that was driven towards the actions of how to win. By changing the training environment, and modifying the way some of the coaches communicated with the players, we were able to get everyone focused on the key processes that formed the backbone of winning.

I highly recommend Mindsport’s services to any coaches and athletes that are looking to get a winning edge over their opposition.

Silke Johannsen, Research Scientist

I have explored a number of self-help remedies to optimise my experience of life. However none of them seemed to work in the way I had hoped for. The techniques I was taught seemed too general, holding little of no relationship to my unique situation. Furthermore the techniques and tips that I continued to explore, told me very little about how to integrate these strategies into my everyday life.

What separates Mindsport from other self-help companies is that they made sure that all of the information communicated to me, was tailor-built to my own set of circumstances. They also provided me with a strong understanding of how to apply and transfer these skills into my daily routines. If you want to optimise your performance in life I would highly recommend that you work with Mindsport.

Duncan Prior, Entrepreneur

I have always had the entrepreneurial vision of owning and running my own successful business. Mindsport outlined a number of useful strategies and philosophies that have helped to ground my understanding of business. Learning about the importance of developing team roles, cultivating a process orientated mindset, and learning to access optimal internal are three of the key areas that we have worked on over the years.

Currently I am working towards building an elite academy that develops and coaches the talent of up and coming tennis players. Because of the positive impact that Mindsport has had on my professional development I am keen to run Mindsport training courses to help optimise the performance of the tennis players I work with.