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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you tailor build courses?

Because of the subjective nature of human psychology, we offer a full range of tailor built courses, suited to your needs. We conduct an extensive consultation so that we know exactly what your objectives and aims are.

What makes us different?

The company not only communicates the theories behind enhancing your performance, but also tells you how to better yourself. We have a full host of innovative techniques to make sure that you integrate the positive change work permanently into your life.

How do you know that your techniques and strategies work?

Mindsport judges its support services by its results. The feedback from everyone that Mindsport has worked with has always been positive.

Does Mindsport deliver remote consultations across the phone or via instant messaging?

The answer is yes, however it depends heavily on the requirements of the client. We do deliver phone consultations in all our areas of expertise. Instant messaging is a technology that Mindsport is currently developing.

Who benefits from Mindsport?

Anyone that wants to improve their performance in their area of expertise will benefit from working with Mindsport. We offer a money back guarantee to anyone that is not satisfied with the service that is provided.

When will I start seeing results?

Most clients begin seeing positive results straight away. However positive change can be a gradual process. Acquiring and understanding the strategies that Mindsport will equip you with is fairly quick, but the transference and the application into everyday life can sometimes take little longer. Unlike many self-help courses and material, we make it clear getting into the habit of the techniques and skills provided requires determination and commitment.

What will it cost me?

As we have stated Mindsport tailor builds everything around the client’s needs. Based on the information communicated by the client Mindsport can then cost up the support work that can be provided. Prices can range from ₤50-₤5000.