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To celebrate the launch of the MindSport web site, we have decided to publish all of our introductory psychology articles here - completely free of charge to everyone.

We've categorised the articles to help you find the information you're looking for:

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20 tips to build confidence

Confidence is a universal concept in modern sport, and a key factor in determining how well you perform. Mindsport has compiled a list of applicable techniques and philosophies to help boost and raise confidence in the domain of sport.

20 ways to fire up your focus

This article will provide you with a number of key strategies and techniques to maintain a high level of focus.

Improve your leadership qualities

In this document I highlight some of the important attributes that go into producing a good leader. Although the article is written in the context of sport, I believe that the advice can be applied to any leader in any field of work.

Create a winning buzz in the dressing room

This article will provide you with some useful ways to help galvanise and strengthen the team-unit.

Dealing with injuries: The psychological approach

Most top athletes have had to deal with injuries at some point in their career. This article is designed to equip the injured athlete with a selection of key mental tools to help the athlete get back on track and playing at their best.

Get in the zone

Most athletes at some point in their career will talk about the phenomenon of ‘being in the zone’. Unfortunately getting in the zone and staying there is not as easy as most athletes would have hoped. The techniques and tools in this article will help you to enter the zone and stay there for extended periods of time.

Get more speed

Speed is an important component of any sport. Nines times out of ten the quicker you are the better you are, which is why Mindsport has produced an article that has outlined a handful of key mental strategies to improve this important attribute.

Is there a place for the psychologist in sport?

Some coaches and athletes meet the psychologist with an open mind while others remain sceptical. This article puts forward some potential explanations to explain this mixed response, and presents a strategy to overcome this.

Matching Winning Strategies

This article aims to equip the athlete with a range of psychological tools to develop a winning edge in most sporting situations.

9 ways to maximise your gym workout using the mind

I am big believer that performance in gym settings can be dramatically improved if you are prepared to develop an awareness of the importance of motivation, concentration and confidence.

The seven pillars of mental toughness

The advice contained within this article will help to cement the importance of having a high level of mental toughness in sport. The article also suggests ways to help enhance your inner strength and fortitude.

Overcoming the fear of failure

This article aims to highlight the paralysing effects of fear and it also aims to address some of the mental strategies that can be applied to overcome the damaging nature of this emotion.

Parental Guidelines for young performers

Here is a brief document comprising a few pieces of advice that will help you to optimise your child’s experiences of sport. You may already apply most of this advice, so for some of you this article will act like a check list.

Pre-match Routines

As an athlete one the most effective ways to optimise your time during the build up to a competitive performance is to devise a pre-match routine. In this document I have outlined some of the benefits of integrating a pre-match routine in your sporting regime.

The Power of Process Orientation

This article aims to illustrate one of the most effective strategies used to create a winning mindset. By learning to cultivate a process orientated mindset, as opposed to an outcome orientated mindset performances are likely to improve dramatically.

Faith and Belief

In this article I aim to outline a clear and important distinction between the concepts of belief and faith.

Using every experience to your advantage

Experiencing loss is an inevitable part of sport, and the hallmark of a world class athlete is someone that meets these ebbs in the most constructive way possible. This document outlines some of the most effective strategies and philosophies to deal with loss.

7 strategies to get more out of your young performers

Working with young performers can often be difficult at times. Short attention spans are the biggest culprit that often makes communicating to them a challenging task. This article aims to equip you with techniques and strategies to improve the coaching of the young performers.