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Overcoming Procrastination


The problem with writing an article for procrastinators is that they will put off reading it!

Telling ourselves and others that we are going to do something is a million miles away from actually doing it. The gulf between intention and behaviour is so large that statistics show that for every intention 1 in 2 people will end up not following through on their planned action.

One of the causes of this is the action of constantly putting things off, also known as procrastination. A key attribute of procrastination is a tendency to over think a particular course of action, to point that you spend most your time thinking rather than actually doing. This state is commonly known as ‘paralysis by analysis.’

Sometimes by thinking less we able to achieve more

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Here are some of the common beliefs and attitudes that lead to the debilitating effects of procrastination:

The possibility of failure

Many people talk themselves out of working towards their goals because of a residual fear of failure. From their perception by not taking action they are able protect themselves from the possibility of failure.

Most procrastinators have a strong idea of what they want, but often the fear of failure and the thoughts that surround this paralysing emotion, are so intense that productivity is slowed down to a grinding halt.

Many psychologists throughout the years have shown how the fear response often manifests itself in the form of a freezing response. The same is at work within the procrastinator who is consumed with the possibility of failing.

The perfectionist syndrome

Another common attitude within the mindset of a procrastinator is the need for everything to be perfect before work commences. Often this involves optimising one’s environment and work space so that maximum comfort and ease is created.

The problem with this mindset is that working environments are never ideal, and never will be, unless you are prepared to invest a significant amount of your own time creating the ultimate work environment.

Understand that there is no substitute for real productive action, so even if your workplace is not ideal it is advisable to forge ahead nevertheless.

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