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Pushing outside the comfort zone


One of the best ways to continue making constructive progress is to regularly push outside the comfort zone. This article aims to equip you with some key strategies and philosophies to keep you widening your experience of the world.

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Try something new everyday

Trying new things is a great way to make sure that you keep pushing beyond your comfort zone. It is a fantastic way to find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

If you want different results in your life, you need to do different things. Experimenting and trying on different experiences for size dramatically increases your chances of finding ones that fit.

It enables you to purify your daily experiences of life allowing you to reject the things you don’t like while keeping the things that you do.

Therefore by constantly drawing in an influx of diverse experiences into your life, you are able to pick and chose the pursuits that nourish both your mind and your body.

Life is about the exploration of possibility


The over extend technique

A very effective technique used throughout the world to push through your comfort zone is to ‘over extend’ the action that you are feeling apprehensive about.

The world renowned professional golfer Tiger Woods uses the ‘over extend’ technique regularly.

During competitive tournaments, if Woods feels apprehensive and a little tight before he strikes the ball, he deliberately over swings his club in order to remove any tightness or restriction he may have.

By over exaggerating the swing action Woods counter balances the feelings of holding back, and obtains an optimal point in between under and over trying.

Personal experiences have also shown that this technique can be applied to any performance driven situation. Public speaking is a good example where over extending has a positive effect.

Imagine that you have to deliver a public talk to a large audience. If you are scared about confronting your audience, make the first thing you do on stage is bold. Telling a joke is a good example of an action that requires some courage.

By over extending your public speaking performance through the engagement of courageous and bold behaviours, you restore a healthy balance between under confidence and over confidence.

Suddenly the thought of presenting becomes a less intimidating one with feelings of comfort and ease returning.

It is all about progress and not perfection

Focus on progress rather than perfection. I remember looking back on my year, trying to work out whether I had been a success.

My barometer of success, when I review my year is whether or not I am a better version of myself then I was a year ago in relation to my personal goals and values.

In my mind there is no such thing as perfection. There will always be something more that you can do to improve.

Whatever idealistic view you may have yourself, I guarantee when you arrive at making your ideals a reality, you will discover new ways to better yourself.

When I do consultancy work in sport, a quote I use regularly with my athletes is “a player who stops getting better stops getting good”.

There is always room for progress and improvement in all walks of your life.

Perfection, is knowing that it doesn’t exist but striving for it all the same

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