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The Creator’s Cookbook


Through the art of creation you are able to add intrinsic value to your life as well as bring value to the lives of others. Here is a collection of useful pointers that will help to optimise the process of creating.

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Ingredient 1: An environment that is conducive to the creation

Whenever you set out to work ensure that your surroundings are conducive towards creating.

Get your workspace is well-organised and arrange to cater for your every need. You may also like to consider playing music while you work.

Once you have built the environment to your requirements, you increase your chances of working in a flow-like state, where everything becomes automatic and instinctive.

Staying in zone-like states for extended periods of time is important if you are determined to create your best work, which is why any any potential distractions need to be removed from your working environment. This may include turning your mobile phone off, and disconnecting your computer from the internet.

Creating the environment that best works for you is a highly subjective process. Some people like a buzzing and highly stimulating atmosphere to work in, while others prefer quiet environments so that they can harness 100% of their focal powers on the task in hand.

Ingredient 2: More than one sustained effort

People often make the mistake of assuming that one block of sustained effort is all it takes to create the end product.

When your creation is a large and an intricate piece of work it often takes a number of drafts before your work is complete.

Whatever you decide to create, you must to remember that great work takes time to evolve.

Much like a strong piece of art needs a number of layers of paint before the finished article is produced, creations need more than one layer of sustained effort before the finished product is complete.

By not seeing the creation process as a one-off stint, allows the inclusion of regular breaks during your work. This allows you to view your efforts with fresh eyes, helping you to see your creation more objectively and rationally. It's easy during an extended period of work to become so immersed in it that you forget to take step back and evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts from afar. The incorporation of breaks will aid this process.

Ingredient 3: Understand the importance of the journey and not just the destination

If you have chosen to dedicate your life to creating, whether it is building businesses, painting, writing books, making music, or even playing sport be sure to enjoy the process.

You will spend 95% of your time creating and about 5% of your time basking in the enjoyment of your efforts. Therefore it is imperative to savour every moment that is spent actively creating. It is easy to get so hung up on the outcome of your endeavours that you forget to really enjoy the journey.

The outcomes that follow your creative efforts are always a reflection of the quality of the processes that preceded them. Focusing on meeting every action of the creative process with inspiration and passion encapsulates these emotions in your work, and strengthens the likelihood that your creation will be a success.

I believe that it is the very act of creating and being at one with your work which is the true goal. The finished article is just a reflection of this creative process:

“We don't sing to get to the end of the song. If that were so, the fastest singers would be the best, and composers would only write finales. We don't dance to get from one place on the floor to another.” – Alan Watts, philosopher, 1915-1973.

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