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A discussion on miracles


Everything I see or hear about in self help circles at the moment seems to revolve around the creation of miracles.

Two or three years ago, if I was presented with any material that spoke of miracles and how you can invite them into your life, I would switch off immediately. But the more books, DVDs and CDs that spoke of the same concept, I began to question my own perceptions and beliefs about this esoteric concept.

Could there be some truth in all of this material? Can you in fact you magic whatever you want into your life?

After reading everything I could on the subject of creating miracles, I decide to pool together all of the common elements of the material.

The information I had read seemed to produce its unique spin on how miracles work and how they could be made, but fundamentally all the information drew from the same set of rules and philosophies.

The article that I have produced draws from all of the basic principles that have been talked about for years on the topic, and presents the subject in and accessible and concise way.

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Feeling is everything

The greatest gift we possess is the ability to generate our own internal states, as this gives us the power and freedom to control how we feel on a day to day basis.

Internal states are usually the by-product of how we chose to organise our thoughts. When persistent thoughts are predominantly negative, we generate negative internal states, while positive thoughts will produce positive internal states.

Thoughts are not created out of thin air, but are the output of specific thinking styles.

By controlling the quality of our thinking styles we are able to affect the quality of our thoughts.

In the human mind our main thinking styles work through producing internal images and sounds (usually in the form of an internal voice). These thinking styles are the building blocks of all the feelings we consequently generate.

Observe the flowchart below:

Internal Pictures + Internal sounds (often an internal voice) = The Quality of your thoughts = Quality of your feelings

For example, if we are feeling especially negative about our appearance on a particular day it is usually down to the pictures and sounds that we are internally generating.

This may include a negative voice saying; “you look bad today”, followed a negative internal picture of you looking your worst.

This small sequence then has the effect of producing the negative feeling associated with feeling unattractive. 

Feeling positive or negative happens so quickly that it is easy to overlook the fact that there are specific thinking styles and strategies behind the scenes creating these emotions.

Therefore the first step to generating positive feelings is to make sure that the pictures and sounds in your mind are positive.

In relation to the example if we replace the negative voice with one that convincingly says; “wow you look fantastic today” and we support this voice by creating internal images of looking great, it becomes increasingly difficult to feel bad about our appearance.

Feelings thrive on the information provided to by our thoughts, therefore it's important to ensure that this information is positive.

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