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The Power of Process Orientation


This article aims to illustrate one of the most effective strategies used to create a winning mindset. By learning to cultivate a process orientated mindset, as opposed to an outcome orientated mindset performances are likely to improve dramatically.

Professional sport is all about winning

When athletes fail to perform well, they often run the risk of being dropped, and in some cases end up jeopardising their career.

At the top level of sport it is all about producing tangible results. It seems to be a common attribute of any performance driven industry, that if goals and targets cannot be met tough measures need to be taken, whatever the cost.

When you hear of some of the top athletes in the world making up to ₤100,000 a week you can understand the unflinching desire that coaches and athletes have to get to the top.

With all the worldly perks that come with being a successful sportsman you can begin to understand why professional sport is all about winning.

Does becoming preoccupied with the thought of winning damage the athlete’s performance?

Don’t you think it is more than a coincidence that as Beckham’s pay-check started to go through the roof, cracks began to show in his performance?

Every step that the international superstar took towards building his worldwide brand his playing career seemed to take a dent.

Losing his place in the Real Madrid 1st team and his place in the England squad were two significant events that arose at the same time of his growing stardom.

Is this modern day proof that when professional athlete’s become hypnotised by the wealth that surrounds sport, their performances consequently pay the price?

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