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The 3 mindsets of a businessman


A common idea that is expressed in popular business literature is that 3 specific mindsets reside within the businessman.

I have conceptualised them as the creator, the planner and the worker.

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The creator

The creator is your mindset that generates ideas. By looking at the world in terms of exceptional opportunities the creator has a knack of  engineering schemes that have the potential to generate money.

The creator can peer into the future and visualise the actualisation of an idea. Because he can see the finished product in his mind the creator is always full of zest energy and enthusiasm to pursue the object of his internal vision.

The creator lives in the future seeing how things ought to be and how things could be. His idealistic tendencies relentlessly conjure up new visions and dreams that feed the creator’s limitless drive and determination.

Because the creator can see into the future, and appreciate the greatness of what could be, he has a deep need to control the people around him in order to ground his visions of grandeur.

Anyone that opposes the creator’s audacious plans, are merely perceived as obstacles that need to be overcome.

The planner

The planner is the mindset geared to organise and structure. The planner’s pragmatic approach likes to impose order and systems on the task in hand.

Take for example the act of cooking. The planner is the mindset within your psyche that likes to prepare all of the ingredients before cooking, and wash every utensil and plate after use. The planner will also methodically organise the workspace so that everything is in the most convenient place during the process of cooking.

In relation to the creator, the planner works to structure and order his ambitious ideas, by grounding the dreams into workable plans of action.

The planner builds the most effective and optimal pathway to materialise the creator’s vision, by becoming consumed with the ‘how’ and not the ‘what’.

Without the creator to concoct a bold vision and the planner to construct a realistic way of obtaining the goal, nothing is ever achieved.

Although there is tension between these two mindsets, in business they fit together perfectly.

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