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The 9 nuggets of artful selling


Selling is a fundamental component of nearly all profitable businesses. This article outlines 9 useful pointers to enhance your ability to sell.

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Build a relationship

Building consumer trust is one of the biggest predictors of how well you successfully manage to sell your services and products. The only way to build trust is to establish a good relationship with your customer.

Personal contact is one of the best ways to build rapport. Unfortunately automated services seem to be the most popular way for companies to handle their customer base.

The more personal touches you can inject into your business, the stronger the loyalty will become between you and your customer.

Treating each person not just as another number will help to build instant trust and a strong bond between you and your client.

People like to feel that their custom is at the centre of your attention, and by satisfying this need, you generate customer satisfaction that leads to a lifetime commitment.


Whatever you sell your products must have value. If there is no intrinsic value in what you sell, then no one will buy your product.

It sounds basic, but many entrepreneurs still fail because of an inability to deliver real value to their clients.

Market to the customer’s perceived need

It has been discussed in the last document that failing entrepreneurs often make the mistake of presuming that people will want to buy their product.

In order to sell you must market to the customer’s perceived need. Sometimes what you think the customer wants is far from the truth.

Test running your products on a small sample of people is always a good idea before diving head first into a full-scale product launch.

This way you make sure that you are selling something that people actually want. Sounds arbitrary but this fundamental component of selling is often over looked.


Part of mastering the art of selling is making sure there is always something more to sell. Potential returning customers will have no reason to come back if there is nothing left to buy.

Microsoft will never bring out the ultimate version of Windows because of the importance of generating return custom.

The seminar model is prime example of this. They usually  start with an introductory basic course with the goal of selling more advanced courses off the back of the first one. Usually the product line leads onto the  company selling a private consultancy services.

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