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Business Psychology

Mindsport Certificate in Applied Business Psychology

Accredited as an ILM Level 3 Qualification in Workplace Coaching for Team leaders and First Line Managers.

The course consists of a 3-day intensive training workshop, including a 6-month follow-up programme, and a qualification support package.

Drawing from disciplines within the applied field of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), mastering the inner-game of business, strategies of excellence, traditional psychology methodologies, and client-centred practices, the executive acquires a host of proven mental techniques to organise and deliver effective workplace coaching.

The course is ideal for candidates that are making the transition into a management role, or aspire to manage business teams in the future.

Fees: £1500 inc. VAT | Request more information here.

Advanced certificate in applied business psychology

Accredited in-house by Mindsport Ltd.

The course consists of a 5-day intensive training workshop that includes a 9-month follow-up programme. The candidate acquires a host of powerful strategies that create positive and permanent change within the workplace. The course adopts an integrative approach to applied business psychology, allowing all of the techniques and methodologies to dove-tail into the executive coach’s pre-existing business regimes.

The extensive training also gives the candidate the platform to start building their own mental strategies and techniques in the realm of business. This course is ideal for executives looking to build upon their portfolio of expertise within the field of executive coaching and management.

Fees: £2250 inc. VAT | Request more information here.

Bridging the gap between intention and behaviour

Accredited in-house by Mindsport Ltd.

There is a huge gulf between what executives plan to do, and they actually do. Being able to follow through, and take constructive action is significant predictor of business success.

On this one day course the candidate will leave with a host of tried and tested mental strategies to increase a business team’s adhesion to action.

Fees: £500 inc. VAT | Request more information here.