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Business Psychology

Up to £500 of training for business leaders and a further £500 of matched funding is waiting for your company to claim.

Claiming your money

The process is quick and easy.

A Leadership & Management Broker will either visit your company and complete a free impartial Business Review or in some regions an online application can be completed to access the money.

The broker or the online form will help you to develop a concise Personal Action Plan which outlines your requirements as a business.

Once you have submitted your application and it is approved, Mindsport will receive a cheque and we will send you a discount code which can be used to offset the training cost.

Contact us on 0117 328 1486 and we will help you with the paper work.


  • The first £500 of support is directed to the owner/manager or a key director and match funding is NOT required.
  • An additional £500 matched grant may be deployed on the development of the top team and/or senior/middle managers.
  • If you employ between 5 and 249 people then grants are available to help all sectors develop their leadership and management skills.
  • Has a total balance sheet value less than £29M and an annual turnover less than £34M, and, is not more than 25% owned by a company which does not complete with both of these limits and those on employee numbers.
  • Has not received Leadership and Management funding from Business Link since April 2006.
  • Falls within the De Minimis limits for State Aid.
  • All sectors can access the grant – except Governmental departments, LA Schools, and NHS organisations.
Contact us on 0117 328 1486 and we will do most of the paper work for you.