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Business Psychology

Accredited by Mindsport Ltd as an ILM Level 5 equivalent qualification in "Workplace Coaching for Team leaders and First Line Managers".


The course consists of a 5-day intensive training workshop that includes a 9-month follow-up programme. The candidate will leave with advanced skills in leadership, team-building, influencing others, and improving workplace performance.

The course adopts an integrative approach to applied business psychology, allowing all of the techniques and methodologies to dove-tail into the executive’s pre-existing business regimes.

Government funding of up to £1000 available for small businesses in the United Kingdom.

The extensive training also gives the candidate the platform to start building their own mental strategies and techniques in the realm of business. This course is ideal for executives looking to build upon their portfolio of expertise within the field of executive coaching and management.

Learning Outcomes

The Advanced Applied Business Psychology course runs over 5 days, covering a wide range of critical topics for the experienced practioner.

Mindsport strongly recommends that applicants have either passed the ILM Level 3 accredited Mindsport Certificate in Business Psychology course or equivalent.

Day 1

  • Get your team to adapt to ever-changing market pressures by learning how to implement and promote change within the workplace.
  • Improve business performance by organising the team to work from its strengths.
  • Prioritise business tasks, and avoid wasting valuable resources by employing a time-management framework.
  • Keep your top-talent motivated and hungry to keep improving their performance.

Day 2

  • Fine-tune your team’s performance by using powerful evaluation strategies.
  • Help your team’s ability to problem solve by developing their sense of awareness.
  • Empower your team to deal positively with set-backs.
  • Keep your personnel positive and focused under pressure, by teaching them emotional management tools.

Day 3

  • Get your colleagues to take ownership of their workplace goals by structuring short and sharp coaching sessions using Mindsport frameworks.
  • Adapt your coaching approach at the right time by developing an awareness of different leadership styles.
  • Strengthen your rapport with colleagues by acquiring a set of persuasive language techniques.

Day 4

  • Drive your business forwards by setting achievable and ambitious goals.
  • Use strategies to get your team generating positives states.
  • Develop your intuition to help the business make more skilful decisions.

Day 5

  • Promote positive behaviour in your working environment by learning how to build your own mental strategies and techniques.
  • Increase your team’s adhesion to action by employing advanced accountability systems.
  • Improve business performance by using confidence-building strategies from the world of sport.
  • Keep your team attentive and performing well when placed under pressure by using frameworks to streamline their focus.

Supporting resources

The Mindsport executive training manual, which includes exercises, methodologies and strategies to improve workplace performance.

Mindsport psychology training cards to improve the team’s communication skills and to improve stress management.

Fees: £2250 + VAT
Fees: £2250 inc. VAT Book now