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Business Psychology

Accredited by Mindsport Ltd. for "Team leaders and First Line Managers".


There is often a huge gulf between what executives plan to do, and they actually do. Being able to follow through, and take constructive action is significant predictor of business success.

On this 1 day course the candidate will leave with a host of tried and tested mental strategies to increase a business team’s adhesion to action.

Government funding of up to £1000 available for small businesses in the United Kingdom.

The course is ideal for candidates that manage business teams, are making the transition into a management role, or aspiring to manage business teams in the future. The course is also well suited to business trainers looking to add unique and innovative tools to their corporate coaching.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop persuasive language techniques to reinforce positive behaviour within the workplace.
  • Fire off the right business behaviour at the right time, by using workplace reminders.
  • Improve your team’s work ethic by increasing accountability.
  • Improve workplace confidence by teaching employees how to generate resourceful states.
  • Make your team feel more in-control by creating a process-driven working environment.
Fees: £500 + VAT
Fees: £500 inc. VAT Book now