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Business Psychology

Accredited as an ILM Level 3 Qualification in "Workplace Coaching for Team leaders and First Line Managers".


The course consists of a 3-day intensive training workshop, including a 6-month follow up programme, and a qualification support package.

Drawing from disciplines within the applied field of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), mastering the inner-game of business, strategies of excellence, traditional psychology methodologies, and client-centred practices, the executive acquires a host of proven mental techniques to organise and deliver effective workplace coaching.

Government funding of up to £1000 available for small businesses in the United Kingdom.

The course is ideal for candidates that manage business teams, are making the transition into a management role, or aspiring to manage business teams in the future. The course is also well suited to business trainers looking to add unique and innovative tools to their corporate coaching.

Learning Outcomes

This course covers two critical strands of management training. Both are covered in depth throughout the course. Below we highlight some of the topics you will cover:

Personnel and Leadership Development

  • Keep your top-talent motivated and hungry to keep improving their performance.
  • Keep your personnel positive and focused under pressure by learning how to improve their levels of concentration.
  • Empower your team to deal positively with set-backs.
  • Strengthen your rapport with colleagues by using persuasive language techniques.
  • Develop strategies to keep enhance your team’s emotional well-being.
  • Make skilful decisions more consistently by developing your powers of intuition.

Powerful Planning

  • Improve your chance of recruiting the right person for the right job by examining the benefits of using creative psychometric tools.
  • Fine-tune your team’s performance by using powerful evaluation strategies.
  • Drive the business forwards by setting achievable and ambitious goals.
  • Make your workplace coaching and project management easier and more efficient through the use of online-tools.
  • Get your colleagues to take ownership of their workplace goals by structuring short and sharp coaching sessions using Mindsport frameworks.
  • Use a time-management framework to prioritise business tasks and avoid wasting valuable resources.
  • Make business success easier, by ensuring key personnel are working to their strengths.

Supporting resources

The Mindsport executive training manual, which includes exercises methodologies and strategies to improve workplace performance.

Mindsport psychology training cards to enhance the team’s communication skills and to improve stress management.

A world-wide recognised qualification provided by The Institute of Leadership and Management.

Fees: £1500 + VAT
Fees: £1500 inc. VAT Book now