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Business Psychology

Learning Outcomes
Organisational Individual
Developing a sound framework to organise workplace coaching Developing more work-place confidence
Reduce number of employee sick days due to stress Learn effective strategies to reduce stress
Increasing a business team’s ability to stick to planned action Acquiring a set of mental strategies to develop a winning edge over your competitors
Building environmental reminders to promote positive behaviour Building long-lasting rapport with colleagues
Reinforcing a sense of personal responsibility to delivering effective results Developing more persuasive levels of communication
Improving the motivation to achieve more Improving your own level of productivity
Improving workplace confidence in the team’s ability to execute Cultivating more effective personal and business goals
Helping employees deal with increased responsibility Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses with clarity
Building an environment that encourages a keen work-ethic Acquiring effective negotiation strategies
Installing a process-orientated mindset within the business Establishing your set of working ethics and principles
Developing strategies to get a business team into positive resourceful states
Evaluating business strengths and weaknesses with clarity and precision
Building a business environment that operates in tune with organisational values