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Education & Mentoring

Our current educational clients include:

  • City Academy
  • Sir Bernard Lovell School
  • Team Bath
  • The University of the West of England
  • The Kingswood Partnership
  • Cheltenham Girls College

Case Study: City Academy Bristol

Mindsport is currently working closely with Ben Tucker, who is the Head of the Business and Finance School at City Academy. In 2008 Mindsport delivered a series of sessions for their Year 13s to improve their motivation towards achieving academic success.

The measurable results from the training were the following:

  • A significantly improved pass-rate compared to previous years.
  • The students developed a stronger work-ethic towards revision and coursework completion.
  • A stronger relationship between the students and the members of staff was built.
  • The students gained a stronger awareness of the benefits academic success brings.
  • Overall a greater level of motivation was observed within the group.

Working with Sam and Mindsport has reinforced my belief that psychology is a fundamental component of a student’s development.

We have clearly achieved measurable successes through the delivery of mental skills training within the Business and Finance School at City Academy. Helping the students act upon their revision goals was particularly beneficial.

We aim to expand the Mindsport programme so that more students significantly improve their chances of academic and professional success. Through careful planning we are confident that we can raise the grades of all those that are included in the Mindsport training programme.

Ben Tucker Head of Department City Academy