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Education & Mentoring


Through structured mentoring Mindsport also provides a follow-up service for all its students. Through regular personal reviews each student is encouraged to engage in the planned interventions discussed within the body of Mindsport training.

Online forums

Online forums organised within the Mindsport hub, also allow all participating students to share their experiences of the Mindsport programmes. This encourages students to learn from one another and increase their chances to obtain a greater level of commitment, control and confidence in performance related settings.

Teacher Training

To enhance the effectiveness of the Mindsport enrichment sessions, we also deliver teacher training qualifications. Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), Mindsport equips teachers with the tools to deliver mental skills training within education. This process supports the habituation of positive mental techniques within the classroom, encouraging the students to maintain a healthy mindset at all times.

For information about our ILM award scheme please contact us on 0117 328 1486, or request more information.