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Education & Mentoring

Mindsport delivers in-class training for students and teachers alike with a modular system of independent sessions, covering a wide range of practical topics.

We pride ourselves on working effectively with students of all abilities and motivation. Our courses were designed with young people in mind, and engage even the most difficult students.

All sessions can be booked individually or as a block. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

Our core modules are outlined below.

  • Goal Setting

    Helps students build a compelling future, and raise their aspirations.

  • Developing confidence

    Building high levels of self-belief and ambition to promote a more successful future.

  • Mentally preparing for exams

    Acquiring mental strategies and techniques to deliver successfully under exam conditions.

  • Mindful Motivation

    Developing the inner strength and drive to achieve more in personal and professional settings.

  • Bridging the Gap Between Intention and Behaviour

    Learning how to achieve more by developing a greater level of ownership planned action

  • Mental Resilience

    Learning how to achieve more by developing a greater level of ownership planned action

  • Revision Strategy Coaching

    Learning the benefits of time-management and self-discipline to improve academic success.

  • Seeing the bigger picture

    Understanding personal and professional values and their connection with academic success

  • Time-management and organisation skills

    The student builds effective strategies to manage their time, and work from their strengths.

  • Entrepreneurial development

    Developing an awareness of why most small businesses fail, and how to cultivate a mindset conducive to business success.

  • Building the motivation to achieve more

    Cultivating a positive mental attitude in the face of set-backs and challenges.

  • Public-speaking and presentation skills

    Developing the skills and the confidence to present ideas and arguments to groups of individuals.

  • Developing successful interview techniques-

    Acquiring the skills and the strategies to present a persuasive and a professional image.