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Mindsport Life Coaching

If you want more out of life, self-improvement is arguably the most effective way to achieve this.

In this section of the website Mindsport will give you the inspiration and insight to get more of what you want.

Through extensive articles, interactive features and a full host of readily available services, Mindsport will equip you will a diverse range of tools and philosophies to optimise your life.

The top 10 ways to beat stress |

In modern life stress is usually unavoidable. This article outlines a number of strategies and techniques to help you manage your stress levels.

Do you believe that everyone can benefit by working with a life coach?

The principle is competing against yourself. It's about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before.
Steve Young

I have explored a number of self-help remedies to optimise my experience of life. However none of them seemed to work in the way I had hoped for. The techniques I was taught seemed too general, holding little of no relationship to my unique situation. Furthermore the techniques and tips that I continued to explore, told me very little about how to integrate these strategies into my everyday life.

What separates Mindsport from other self-help companies is that they made sure that all of the information communicated to me, was tailor-built to my own set of circumstances.

Silke Johannsen, Research Scientist