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1 to 1 Sessions In Sport

Personal Psychology Consultations

As well as offering direct training for coaches, Mindsport also offers support directly for athletes.

Through individualised and group breakthrough sessions athletes learn how to:

Break Through Modules
  • Develop confidence

    Confidence is an important construct to master in the sporting arena. Through the application of powerful confidence techniques and strategies unmoving levels of belief and confidence can be built.

  • Build laser-like focus

    Without a sharp level of focus in and out of the sporting arena it becomes difficult to achieve positive results. By building a repertoire of tools to keep your concentration strong you are able to maintain a match-winning level of focus.

  • Prepare for competitive performances

    Preparation is a key predictor of success in sport. Integrating well structured pre-match and match-routines into your regimes will increase your sporting success.

  • Set well-defined goals

    One of the biggest predictors of success is direction. Incorporating well-structured goal-setting programs into your sporting setup will propel you towards excellence very quickly.

  • Visualise with great effectiveness

    Your imagination can be as powerful as your real-life experiences. Using visualisation effectively will train your mind and body to deliver automatic and instinctive performances consistently.

  • Develop a process-orientated mindset

    You cannot directly control sporting outcomes, but you can control the processes behind them. Adopting a process-orientated mindset will keep you feeling confident, and motivated to succeed.

  • Control emotions

    Emotions in sport fluctuate on a regular basis. Build a powerful tool-box of strategies and mental exercises to keep your emotions in-check during training and competitive situations.

  • Build personalised motivational strategies

    Sport psychology is highly individualised and very subjective. Learning to acquire your own personalised motivational strategies you build a mental-armoury specifically suited to your needs.

  • Generate positive internal states

    State is the biggest predictor of behaviour. Building a set of positive state generating strategies will ensure that you continue to enjoy sport and perform at your best.


Working with Sam has improved my game significantly.

Josh Llewellyn Footballer

Consulting with Mindsport has given me a greater awareness of the human mind, and consequently improved my delivery of applied sports science.

Leo Faulmann Exercise Physiologist

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