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1 to 1 Sessions In Sport

Why train with Mindsport?

The mental component of sport is undoubtedly important. The difference between winning and losing in sport often comes down to the mental toughness of the athlete. Sport psychology is a growing field within competitive sport, with more athletes and coaches recognising the powerful benefits that come with mastering the mind.

Training with Mindsport will reveal the secret mental strategies that top-performers use to master their sport.


Applied sport psychology is a highly subjective field which is why it is important the client leaves a tool-box of techniques and strategies relevant to their unique situation. To ensure that a client-driven service is provided, we ensure that all our solution driven work is tailored to client’s needs.

Positive Performance Results

Mindsport prides itself on delivering tried and tested techniques that work. In sport application is undoubtedly more important than theory.

Mindsport prides itself on delivering tried and tested techniques that work. If you are not happy with the results we deliver, we offer a full money back guarantee. Mindsport’s growing reputation pays testament to the company’s ability to install permanent positive change with all of its clients.

Your Coach

Graduating in psychology and completing a Masters degree at the University of Essex, Sam delivers high performance coaching for a wide variety of clients.

Because each individual has a unique way of thinking, Sam tailors his coaching to match the individual's needs providing them with maximum benefits.

Among some of Sam’s high profile clients includes Phil Parkinson, the assistant manager of Charlton Athletic Football Club. Sam worked alongside Phil Parkinson for 3 years at Parkinson’s former club Colchester United, in which they saw the club win a historic promotion to the Championship Division.

Sam also currently facilitates the use of mental skills training for one Britain’s top tennis players.

To further his understanding of the human mind Sam trained personally with hypnotist Paul Mckenna, where he became a qualified Master NLP Practitioner. This priceless experience empowered Sam to be able to use positive mind engineering techniques with his clients. This added a new gear to his support work, dramatically increasing his repertoire of behavioural tools to improve performance.


Working with Sam has improved my game significantly.

Josh Llewellyn Footballer

Consulting with Mindsport has given me a greater awareness of the human mind, and consequently improved my delivery of applied sports science.

Leo Faulmann Exercise Physiologist

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