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Mindsport Life Coaching

Professional sport is won and lost by the smallest of margins. Often the winning difference comes down to the mental toughness and the inner strength of the athlete.

You hear it so often, the mental side of sport is so critical. But very rarely do we increase the most important area of an athlete’s body, the mind!

Psychology is probably the most underestimated element of a sports performance programme. By increasing your focus, concentration, and mental strength and you will undoubtedly increase your performance.

20 tips to build confidence |

Confidence is a universal concept in modern sport, and a key factor in determining how well you perform. Mindsport has compiled a list of applicable techniques and philosophies to help boost and raise confidence in the domain of sport.

Should all professional sports clubs have the access to a sport psychologist?

My psychology belongs to everyone.
Alfred Adler

The mental component of sport is undoubtedly important. Working with Sam Kotadia and Mindsport, has proven to be an invaluable support service during my career as a professional football manager.

During my reign at Colchester United FC, in which the club won a historic promotion to the Championship Division, Sam’s services significantly contributed to the club’s successes that season.

Phil Parkinson,
Assistant Manager,
Charlton Football Club